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The Onyx - Gourmet Grille

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Oakland County, Clarkston, MI

Individual Portion Meals - Gourmet Foods


It’s Breakfast for Dinner                


Peanut Butter Banana Stuffed French Toast      5.50

Double stacked French toast stuffed with banana/ peanut butter mixture dredged in rum sauce (2 slices)

  Parmesan Grits & Shrimp Eggs Benedict        7.99

Parmesan grits –fried topped with blanched asparagus and poached egg.  Served with creamy shrimp sauce


Appetizers & Hor’Doeuvres           

Wasabi Chicken Salad Cup        5.99

Creamy crab salad mixed with wasabi and lime in fresh cucumber cups (approx. 10-12 pcs)

Amber & Blue        7.99

Caramelized onion, blue cheese pizza squares. (12 pcs) 

Toasted Ravioli        6.99

Cheese filled ravioli with garlic crusted coating.  Choice of marinara or alfredo sauce. (10 pcs)

Mozzarella Caprese        4.99

Vine ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and balsamic glaze

 Chicken-Mango Lettuce Wraps        8.99

Wrap station including lettuce, jasmine rice, marinated chicken, sliced mango, scallions, cucumber and dressing (2 wraps)


Sweet Potato Souffle        5.99

Pecan crusted creamy sweet potato souffle

Grilled Cream Corn        3.50

Multi-layered cream corn w/ basil    (serves 2)   

White Cheddar-Garlic Mashed Potatoes        5.99 

Redskins w/ roasted garlic & fresh grated white cheddar (serves 2) 

Jasmine Cilantro Rice        4.99

Fragrant Jasmine rice w/ cilantro and ginger (serves 2)

Fumi Salad        4.99

Fresh shredded cabbage salad w/ toasted sesame seed, almonds and rice vinegar (serves 2)

Crusted Green Beans      4.50

Green beans w/ crunchy coating  (serves 2)

Mandarin Orange Salad        4.25

Romaine lettuce w/ chopped celery, green onions & mandarin oranges w/ vinegar dressing

Grilled Garlic Cheese Bread        4.99

French bread topped w/ garlic butter & cheddar cheese, baked (1 loaf = 12pcs)



Conchiglioni Arrabbiata        9.50 

Large Conchiglioni shells stuffed w/ fresh ricotta, pancetta tomato sauce 

Honey Glazed Salmon        12.50

Fresh salmon steaks seared w/ honey glaze.  Served w/ roasted corn salsa 

Chile-Garlic Shrimp        10.50

Fried shrimp bathed in chile-garlic sauce, w/ spring vegetable pasta (spicy)   

Gorgonzola Fettuccine w. Steak        12.50

Fettuccine alfredo topped w/ fresh gorgonzola cheese & grilled steak

Caribbean Chicken Medallions        8.50

Jamaican spiced chicken w/ mango-cilantro cream sauce

Italian Sausage Ricotta Cannelloni        10.50

Cannelloni filled w/ mild Italian sausage, ricotta & basil in Bechmael Sauce

Grilled Pork Kebabs        9.50

Pork tenderloin kebabs glazed w/ ginger molasses bbq sauce

Barbeque Shrimp New Orleans        10.50

Fresh pan seared shrimp in butter bbq sauce over garlic white cheddar mashed potatoes

Hazelnut-Crusted Chicken        10.50

Chicken dredged in Dijon mustard sauce coated in hazelnut.  Raspberry vinegar sauce & field greens

Dukkah Chicken        9.50

Crusted chicken w/ pomegranate molasses over jasmine cilantro rice (contains nuts)

Italian Sausage Rigatoni        8.50

Mozzarella crusted rigatoni w/ mild sausage       

 Stromboli        7.50

“Pizza Stick” stuffed with salami, provolone & parmesan

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms        10.50

Portobello mushroom stuffed w/ Italian sausage stuffing, over lemon basil couscous, drizzled w/ basil parmesan cream

Caribbean Chicken Wings        7.50

Spiced-marinated chicken wings in sweet and spicy style house made bbq sauce

Mahogany Chicken Cashew        8.50

Sesame crusted chicken roasted and served over spaghetti noodles in cashew sauce

 Italian Sausage Senese        10.50

Penne pasta served with Italian sausage and sun-dried tomato sauce

Pork Loin w/ Mirin Sauce        10.50

Crusted pork loin w/ chile-garlic mirin sauce, fried leeks (contains nuts and fish product)

 Swordfish Steak w/ White Wine Sauce        18.25

Sautéed swordfish steaks topped with white-wine butter sauce

Boneless Spare Ribs        12.50

Full tender, boneless baked bbq ribs

Shrimp Pad Thai        9.50

Rice noodles with shrimp and tofu in peanut sauce

Barbeque Meatballs        7.50

Glazed and baked bbq meatballs

 Spaghetti        7.50

Ground beef tomato sauce over spaghetti noodles


(sweet potato chips included)

Turkey Joes        6.50

Ground turkey sloppy Joe on house roll w/ apple celery slaw

Buffalo Burger        7.50

Ground buffalo burger topped with apple celery slaw 

Lamb Burgers        8.50

Ground lamp burger mixed w/ Latin spices, w/ red onion, mole sauce and ciabatta bread

Gouda Burger w/ Texas BBQ Sauce        8.50

Seasoned ground beef burger stuffed w/ gouda, topped w/ applewood bacon, Texas bbq sauce

Miami Burger        7.50

Ground beef/ pork burger topped w/ Swiss cheese, smoked ham, pickles & Dijon mustard

Alabama Pulled Pork        8.50

Slow roasted, marinated pulled pork on toasted potato buns. 

Choice of Texas bbq or white barbeque sauce



Peach Cheesecake        $ 3.99/pc 

New York-style cheesecake with a hidden layer of peach compote and glaze

Ricotta Blintzes        $3.99

Crisp crepes filled with ricotta cheese mix and topped with fresh berry compote

 White Chocolate Lime Bars        $1.99/pc

Light cheesecake bars with essence of lime and white chocolate

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars with Ganache        $2.50 ea.

Layered chocolate and peanut butter bars with hot fudge ganache topping

Double Coffee Tiramisu        $ 4.50

Light Italian cream with coffee soaked lady fingers

Banana Pudding Crumble        $ 2.50

Rich, creamy banana pudding with crumbled topping

Apple Strudel w/ Cinnamon Cream        $ 3.25

Crisp individual wrapped strudel stuffed w/ apples & cranberries, w/ cinnamon cream

Banana Wontons and Vanilla Custard Sauce        $3.99

Fried wontons filled with sugared banana filling served with fresh made vanilla custard

Apple Cranberry Crisp        $3.25

Baked apple and cranberry mix topped w/ candied crisp topping

7 Bars        $1.99

7 layers of sugary sweetness

Chocolate Torte        $3.99 pc

Rich, flour less chocolate torte covered in chocolate ganche


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